A holiday staple!

What would day-to-day life be without an ice cold BOS tea? Boring! BOS is all about being healthy while still having fun … and that’s exactly what it’s become synonymous with in almost every South African household! From the bright, bold colours of the packaging, to the organic rooibos tea used in every can, and the wide range of delicious flavours (peach, lemon, lime and ginger, yuzu and many more) we just can’t get enough! Enjoy it simply as a refreshing summer drink, an energy-enhancing sports drink (BOS Sport), or a delicious cocktail mixer! For a refreshing cocktail, try out this recipe: Pour a double shot of vodka over lots of ice, squeeze in a slice each of orange and grapefruit and toss in some fresh basil. Serve with BOS peach and … cheers to a great summer! Details: www.bosbrands.com