Cheers … without the guilt!

Designated driver. On diet. Pregnant. All sorts of reasons why you’re off the wine. But look what we’ve just discovered! Meet Lautus Savvy
White (Latin for pure, elegant and sumptuous) … South Africa’s very first de-alcoholised wine. What, you may well ask, is de-alcoholised wine? It’s wine made traditionally with an additional phase right before bottling, when a special spinning technique
removes the booze without eliminating all nature’s goodness. Big on wine flavour, low in calories (52 kJ per 100ml) and less than 0.5% alcohol by volume … the same traces you’d find in two-day-old orange juice in your fridge. You’ll find it at selected Woolworths stores and online at for R60 a bottle. As with any good quality white wine with a fresh character, Lautus is the ideal companion to salads and lighter dishes featuring white meat such as chicken or fish.