Decor trends

With the ever-changing decor trends, it’s sometimes hard to stay in the loop. We’ve chatted to Black Cactus Design Studio for tips to keep our homes looking trendy. And with all the holidays coming up, we think it’s the perfect time to shop up a storm and get sprucing!

  1. Solid timber cladding tiles

Cladding creates a soft, rich texture with a beautiful warm colour. The product has shown to be quite popular because it can be installed on floors, walls and counters. It can be a little pricey but it’s worth every cent!

  1. Terracotta

This type of ceramic has made a comeback in the form of reclaimed rose terracotta tiles, ornaments and crockery. If you’re planning on investing in this material then remember to stay clear of the gloss finish and rather go with matt to add a bit of texture to your home.

  1. Terrazzo

This natural stone is really beautiful when used around the pool, entertainment area or even in restaurants.

  1. Artisanal instead of mass produced.

Want to add more character to your home? We’re talking about gorgeous pieces that are hand-made. Think organic shapes of hand-blown glass, crafted timbers and delicately handled porcelain. The imperfections of these pieces are what make them one of a kind.

  1. Local is lekker

It’s no secret that South Africa is blessed with talented designers … the quality and character of our local pieces has taken the design industry to another level. Designers to look out for are David Krynauw, Dokter & Misses, James Mudge, Meyer Von Wielligh, John Vogel and Laurie Wiid van Heerden.

So with these few pointers, you can start changing up your living area one step at a time. Add cladding to a wall or find some great artisanal pieces to add to your side-tables. At the end of the day, have fun with it because your home is a reflection of you. Black Cactus Design Studio, Interior Design Consultants. Details: or find them on Facebook at Black Cactus SA.

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