Mediterranean Delicacies presents a Traditional SA dish


Mediterranean Delicacies Grilled Asparagus – 8 spears

Mediterranean Delicacies Avocado Humus – 2 spoons

Mediterranean Delicacies Basil Pesto – 190g tub

Sea salt

For the Stir-fry

Red Pepper, sliced – half a pepper

Red cabbage, thin sliced – a handful

Carrots, thinly sliced – 1 carrot

Balsamic vinegar – 2 spoons

Olive oil – 2 spoons

Morogo (wild spinach) – large handful

For the Lamb

Karoo lamb chops – 800g

For the bogobe ba mabele a ting: (Pap) 


120g Maize meal

1 cup Mabele-a-ting (coarse ground sorghum)

1 & half cups lukewarm water

3 cups water



  1. Mix the sorghum and the 1 and a half cups warm water together and place in a plastic container. Seal the container with plastic or a lid and place it in a warm area to ferment for about 3 days. (note, it does get pretty pungent!)
  2. Bring a pot to the boil with the 3 cups of water. Add your salt to the water, about 2 pinches
  3. Mix the remaining maize meal with the fermented sorghum with a fork and stir well to remove any lumps (I prefer doing it this way as this makes less lumps in the final product).
  4. Gradually add the mixture to the water whilst stirring constantly. Keep stirring for a few minutes until it begins to thicken slightly.
  5. Cover and allow it to simmer on a low heat for about 20 minutes. Every now and then returning to stir the pot with a large wooden spoon.

Note From top local chef, Lesego Semenya:

The longer you cook the porridge, the thicker it will become. For a more stiff porridge, use less water. Get a wok super super hot without any oil. Once it’s really hot pour your olive oil in there (work fast, a stirfry should be crunchy).

Add your vegetables and lightly toss them around for about 2 minutes. Remove. Add your balsamic and serve. That’s it. Quick.

In a bowl toss your lamb chops in the basil pesto and lightly season with sea salt. Grill the lamb chops in the oven at the highest temperature your oven gets to for about 15mins or crispy on the outside. Serve on top of the awesome avocado humus. Enjoy!

“The lovely thing with Mediterranean Delicacies prepared foods is that they all have the correct amount of seasoning. You’ll notice this recipe hardly asks for additional seasoning,” comments Lesego.

“There isn’t much sauce to this recipe, the reason being I tried Mediterranean Delicacies avocado humus and it’s full of rich creaminess and so much richness that it more than makes up for the lack of a sauce,” he explains.

The lamb chops are also fatty and juicy enough to bring it all together. If you really want to add a tomato based sauce then Lesego recommends the Mediterranean Delicacies sundried tomato pesto.

“This dish is to be consumed the traditional way! By hand! Leave those knives and forks alone,” Lesego concludes.

Bon Appétit!  Kalí óreksi!

Recipe and image courtesy ofLesego Semenya and Mediterranean Delicacies