Munch, munch, munch!

We understand that you can often lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of this city of ours, but that’s no excuse to skimp out on healthy veggies and organically grown produce for you family.

There may not be much time to head out to your local market, but you have plenty of time to subscribe to The Munching Mongoose and have locally grown goodies delivered straight to your door. Sourced from a number of small scale farmers and gastronomic artisans around South Africa, the Munching Mongoose team strives to give you the best of the best in delicious produce. They’re so much more than just food delivery service … They offer a box bursting with seasonal fruit and veggies, fresh free range milk and eggs, deliciously crunchy artisanal breads and locally produced gourmet cheeses. Drooling already? Join the club … The Munching Mongoose club. When you subscribe to this yummy service, you’ll get all of this and more, because every week they add a unique item to the box. Maybe a handy preserve, honey, coffee or even hand crafted boutique chocolates. It’s a surprise every time! They even have a Banting box and the sizes can range depending on how large your family is. And all you have to do is complete a form, sign up for the subscription, pay a fee (from R399) and wait for your goodie box to arrive. No jokes … It’s really that easy. Details:

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If you do have time to check out a healthy food store, Bryanston Shopping Centre’s Organic Emporium should be top of your list.


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