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One of this year’s most anticipated reads… Futurist Edmond Kirsch is about to unveil a discovery ‘that will change the face of science forever’ and challenge the fundamentals of human existence. The tech magnate has invited his mentor, symbologist Robert Langdon, to attend the event at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. In Dan Brown’s Origin, Kirsch is assassinated before he can reveal his discovery. As a result, along with Ambra Vidal the museum’s director, Langdon has to flee for his life. Together they embark on a dangerous quest to find the cryptic password that will unlock the secret of Kirsch’s discovery. With an enemy that seems to always be one step ahead of them, they follow a trail marked only by enigmatic symbols and modern art in their efforts to uncover a world-shaking truth that has remained buried … until now. Dan Brown fans will love this labyrinthine tale, featuring loads of secrets and an unrelenting enemy. Bantam Press, R320. Or, get it from our Get It Book Club for only R256… It’s a members only club and we’re inviting you to join! Details:

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