SPONSORED: Top Saturday cake and cocktail pairings

There’ll be fabulous cakes (of course) and … well, let’s not do the tea thing. It’s a bit Old Aunt Edna (#WeStillLoveYouEdna).  Instead, we’re going to match each of our cakes with something a little more fun … a cocktail, a glass of bubbly, a G&T served in a pretty teacup. Add some appropriate music and voilà … we’ve just snazzied up your Saturday afternoon with friends.



The cake: Every party needs a classic … a chocolate cake just like mum used to make (maybe even better!). All chocolate mousse filling and topped with a dark chocolate ganache, and perhaps a sprinkling of biscuit crumble.

The drink:  We’d serve a glass of Grand Marnier. But then again, an Espresso Martini would be wonderful. Simply shake two tots of vodka with one tot of coffee liqueur and one tot of chilled strong espresso with ice and strain into a martini glass. So glam!



The cake: Our fave … carrot cake. Loaded with carrots and raisins, nuts can cinnamon. And – non negotiable –  it’s got to have a cream cheese and lemon frosting.

The drink: A tart cocktail that is sublime and very moorish. Combine one tot Limoncello Italian liqueur and half a tot Cointreau in a champagne flute.  Top with bubbly and garnish with a twirl of lemon peel.


Image from Chateau Gateaux Twitter.


The cake: Red Velvet Cake … deep red, with smooth cream cheese frosting … everyone loves a little red velvet.

The drink: It’s simple, but a glass of chilled pinot noir works brilliantly with this.



The Cake: An old-fashioned favourite is a walnut torte … rich, with tastes of marzipan, walnuts and mocha.

The drink: A sweet sherry or a good aged port is the perfect match.  If you have a sweet tooth and can handle a slightly more rich drink, a Brandy Alexander is a yummy choice. Mix two tots brandy or Cognac with one tot  white crème de cacao and one tot of heavy cream in a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake madly and then strain into a well-chilled martini glass. Sprinkle with nutmeg.

The cake: Well … a tart … but every good party needs at least one tart. Apple crumble tart with stewed sweetened apples and loads of spices. Oh yes, please.

The drink:  A G&T, served in a pretty tea cup. One tot gin, loads of your favourite tonic, garnish with a cinnamon stick and star anise and don’t lift your pinky!


Suggested playlist

Be it background music or something to get the party started, here are our suggestions for a cake-and-cocktail party

Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones

Whiskey Girl – Gillian Welch

Bluberry Hill – Fats Domino

Candy – Iggy Pop

Cheers Drink to That – Rihanna

Red Red Wine – UB40 or Neil Diamond version (we’re huge Neil fans!)

Sugar Sugar – The Archies

Sweet Jane – The Velvet Underground

Tutti Frutti – Little Richard

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