Sweet treats for the family

Ever had a cronut? It’s like a doughnut, only so much better … it’s made from croissant-like pastry and filled with a variety of flavoured creams. Honestly, it’s worth every single one of the calories. Well, the great news is that X & O Patisserie serves some of the best coffee and cronuts we’ve ever had … the perfect combination. And, while you’re at it, you may as well browse around the famous 27 Boxes in Melville that’s recently been upgraded and has a host of other gems you’ve yet to discover. Details: www.xando.co.za

When it comes to truly fantastic gelato … and pancakes and waffles and milkshakes and cookie sandwiches and coffee (seriously, it’s all so good here), you need to pay a visit to Moody Cow. Moody Cow prides itself in making handmade gelato, the true Italian way (there’s a reason they say the ice cream in Italy is the best in the world). Moody Cow also ensures that only the very best ingredients are used and that no colourants or preservatives are added to its products plus, there are also some delicious, sugar-free options available here for the more health conscious among us. You can thank us later. You’re in for an absolute treat. Details: www.moodycow.co.za