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Crazy for cognac

Ooh, did somebody say cognac? We’ve just heard that Godet Cognac has finally made its way to South Africa all the way …

Crack open the Gin. It’s world Martini Day!

World Martini day should feature as one of the most important days in a ladies calendar , and now with the fabulous Landmark Bar by Cafe de Sol offering 100 classic cocktails to try before you die , there is no excuse not to partake in today’s activities.

Play with Oreo

While our moms have encouraged us not to play with our food …there’s always an exception to the rule and the Oreo Pop-Up …

You’ve been drinking champagne wrong!

So you love poppin’ bottles … but the real question is, are you drinking your champagne the proper way? Believe it or not, there are things to consider before gulping down that flute of bubbles.

Amarula espresso martini

What’s that we hear? The weekend approaching! Whoop whoop! It’s the perfect time to try out a delish Amarula martini … shaken, not stirred.

The finer things

Admit it, you’re old enough now to appreciate the finer things in life … like cognac and very nice vino…

Like a BOS!

On a day like this, there’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled can of BOS Ice Tea.

No boo’s for Boodles

It’s no secret that our Leisure Options Best of Joburg Readers’ Choice awards 2014 party went off with a bang and was undoubtedly, the party of the year.