Tea time

If you love tea as much as we do then you’ll enjoy this. Introducing PureCup fine tea capsules that are rich in flavour and super convenient to use … all you have to do is pop them into your Nespresso machine and voila, tea is served! Available in five wonderful flavours (rooibos, chai, lemon & ginger, green tea with mint and tranquilitea), each pod is truly delicious. The rooibos pod can be enjoyed as an espresso with a fresh burst of anti-oxidants. The green tea is a great revitalizing tea and the infusion of mint gives it a fresh taste. The exotic chai is a soothing blend of ginger, anise, cassia, clove and pepper and is the most fragrant (P.S. enjoy this one with a dash of milk and sugar or if you want a real decadent treat, try it as a cappuccino … mmm!). Lastly the lemon and ginger flavour is rejuvenating and crisp and can be served hot or chilled as an ice tea. Each tea is wonderfully aromatic and is a perfectly brewed cup of tea. If you weren’t a tea lover before then surely this will convert you! Details: www.purecupcoffee.com

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