What dreams are made of!

Oh please take us back! How we do miss you… There is quite honestly not enough words in the English dictionary to describe the experience of the Symphony of the Seas. The largest cruise ship in the world took its maiden voyage on the 7th April, and we were lucky enough to be one of the guests to have well, have an adventure of a lifetime. Think slides, hand gliding, rock climbing, pools, jacuzzi’s, surfing … boy oh boy are we just getting started! Nightclubs, karaoke, shops, shows, and, and and… There is literally something for absolutely everyone. Feel like a cocktail? Hop on the moving bar that goes up and down the ship while you are sipping your favourite drink, darling. Oh and let’s not forget the Bionic Bar, your drinks are made for you … by a robot! How cool?


We could literally go on for days… In fact we will just leave this picture here for you to ogle… Details: www.cruises.co.za


One thing we can say for sure, is we didn’t leave hungry! There are 20 restaurants onboard. You heard us… We ate and ate and ate. Our insatiable appetites took us to Jamie’s Italian. Yup. Our fave Italian spot is one of the many eating and watering holes. Together with Cruises International, we will be giving you our reader’s vouchers to dine out at our fave local Italian restaurant so you too can have a small taste of the incredible experience on board. Simply fill in your details below, and you too can get in on the action. Good luck!